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Specification Services

At Rittner French Associates, we pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive and innovative specification services available.  From conception of a new project to beginning of renovation projects, we can help in the evaluation of your door, frame, hardware, access control, fire safety, egress, functions, keying and security needs. 


Our trained staff of personnel, state of the art computer and communication equipment, access control experience and industry resources, assures you the highest quality product for you and your client.  We would like to share with you the type of support our company offers.



  •  Review project requirements with the Architect and  Owners Representative
  •  Select product types, finishes and function based on use  and design requirements
  •  Determine owners needs based on function and budget
  •  Review egress, life safety, ADA and fire rating  requirements
  •  Develop access control and security requirements
  •  Review door schedules and floor plans in order to create  a comprehensive hardware specification
  •  Coordinate requirements with electrical engineer



  •  Determine qualifications of potential suppliers or  contractors
  •  Review proposed substitutions or alternates
  •  Value Engineer if required



  •   Check shop drawings
  •   Provide field inspection support as required
  •   Review bulletins, field changes or change orders as         required
  •   Provide final walk through and punch list for architect       and owner


Our specifications are written to performance standards.  We are unending in our search and education about todays products.


Our service includes a comprehensive product review with the owner or the owners representative.  We will evaluate all the current and future needs of the facility, and prepare a specification to allow the most competitive price while insuring the performance demanded by our clients.


Among issues we address are keying and physical security requirements (including how to run a successful key meeting), building type and usage, Life Safety and Fire Code issues, Past problems and successes, Potential future problems and proactive solutions, Access Control and electronic hardware issues and Pre and Post Construction activities to take place (pre-installation meeting, post installation meeting, building walkthrough)


Once the specification is written, we will deliver and discuss the completed document with architect, owner and contractor, to insure that all facets have been covered.


We will address any pre-bid and bidding questions and issues, and finally will check shop drawings and approve final drawings.

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Specification Services                  RATES AND FEES

Includes a complete CSI Format three part specification

 08710 Door Hardware, 08710 Access Control,

10100 Toilet Compartments, 10800 Toilet & Bath Accessories

 By the Hour                                   $95.00 / hour  


08100 Metal Doors & Frames, 08210 Wood Doors & Frames,

08120 Aluminum Doors & Frames, 08200 FRP Doors & Frames
Per Project                                     $300.00 / project


Schedules and Submittals

(Includes Hardware, Hollow Metal and Wood Doors)    

 By the Hour                                      $90.00 / hour


Access Control, CCTV Design & Consulting  

Includes a complete CSI Format three part specification

13800 Access Door Controls & CCTV

Design                                                  $275.00 / hour

Consulting                                            $90.00 / hour  

(First consultation is free)    

Riser Diagrams / Wiring Diagrams        $190.00 / Drawing  

System initiation and training               $85.00 / hour  


Security and Safety Consulting       

Architectural/Security Hardware Audit    $190.00 / hour 

(includes door/frame & access control)     

Total Security Review                              P.O.A.


Pre and Post Construction Services            

Key Meeting                                           $95.00 / hour

Pre-Installation Meeting                         $250.00   

Post-Installation Walkthrough               $90.00 / hour

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