Rittner French Associates
Professional Consultants and Representatives of Architectural Hardware, Security Products and Specialties
Rittner French Associates / Rittner Products, Inc.
Welcome to The Rittner Group of Companies

For over 75 years, Rittner French Associates has been providing solutions to our clients' demanding security challenges. 
Rittner French Associates has been a full service manufacturers representative for national manufacturers of finish hardware, doors, frames, detention and security equipment and washroom accessories and partitions since 1942.

Since that time, Rittner French Associates has taken an enormous knowledge base, years of practical experience, and thousands of contacts with our clients to become the industry leading consulting group to owners, architects, distributors and other industry professionals.
Rittner French Associates has been the leading specification writing firm in our industry, providing complete specification services for over 55 years and over 3,000 projects.

Rittner Products, Inc. was formed in 1976 to address the addition of electricity to mechanical hardware.  We have designed, built and installed more access control systems than any other company in the industry.  With the recent addition of computerization to electrified products Rittner Products has become the industry's leading access control and security consultant.

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